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Do you want a team that works for you instead of an insurance company? Look no further than Mid Cities Direct Primary Care. Located in historic Grapevine, TX, our team offers direct primary care to patients and their families. Direct care focuses on relationship-based medicine instead of fee-for-service transactional medicine. We offer memberships to patients that cover all of their primary care needs.

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Direct Primary Care

Instead of relying on insurance premiums and companies, direct primary care allows patients to partner directly with their physician to get the routine medical care they and their families need. Direct primary care has many benefits and encourages a deeper relationship between patient and physician. This way, you and your family can build a foundation for lifelong good health.

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Choosing the right physician for you and your family can be a key difference in how you're able to maintain or improve your health throughout your life. Skilled physicians Dr. Kara Farley and Dr. James Terry have experience with patients of all ages and get to know all about your unique health needs to help you and your loved ones achieve an elevated state of being. Together, they work with people and their families to diagnose chronic and acute illnesses, provide treatment, perform routine physicals and preventive care, and provide disease management. We also offer medically assisted weight loss programs and personalized healthcare plans.



"Recently changed my primary care doctor to Dr.Farley. It has been a great experience so far. Due to her experience in treating the whole person I have been able to utilize her expertise in a number of different areas and I am happy to report I am feeling more healthy now that I am one of her patients."



"Dr Terry and nurse Whitney are simply put ,the best at what they do. I feel blessed to have Dr Terry as my doctor, I don’t always like what he says, IE lose weight, exercise more ,but he has been right over the last 10yrs and my health has benefited because of his knowledge. I also wanted to shout out to nurse Whitney, what a awesome compliment she is to Dr Terry’s practice."



"Dr. Farley is a wonderful physician! Upon meeting her, you can tell immediately that she cared for her patients. She is there for you when you need her, even for a same day appointment, and she goes above and beyond in quality of care! I’m so grateful to have Dr. Farley as my physician in my corner!"



"Dr. Farley is truly a gifted physician. As I am beginning to age she has been incredible in helping me manage some issues that I didn’t have when I was younger. She has such a broad scope of knowledge that I don’t need multiple doctors. She spends a lot of time getting to know her patients history so as to better serve them. I highly recommend Dr.Farley."



"Dr. Farley is truly an amazing Physician. Not only for her service to our country - but how she cares for her DPC patients. She has been so amazing with myself, my husband and especially my 2 year old daughter. She is quick to respond and I always feel like a priority. I highly recommend her to anyone with or without insurance."




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